Tasty Slices

So big, you'll need both hands to tame them.

72-hour aged dough. Scratch-made sauces. Eclectic toppings. Creating superior slices is our calling, so we top ’em fresh and cook to order, assuring you always get the taste you’re craving.

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72-hour aged dough

Our dough is made with our own starter that was born in 2004, and each batch is fermented 72 hours. We use a specific mix of water in order to achieve the characteristics we need, and source a premium high gluten spring wheat flour which allows for a thin, crispy crust with the perfect amount of chew.

Fresh, in-house sauces

We like to keep it simple by using high quality Stanislaus tomatoes in our tomato sauce, adding only a few additional ingredients, and allowing them to shine. The same approach is taken with each of our pizza bases and sauces to create the perfect flavor profile for our slices.

Perfect pairings

Like so many timeless pairings, pizza and beer have been inseparable since their sacred union began. Our expertly curated selection of craft and macro-brewed beer means that you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

Hand-crafted cocktails

Yes, we have real liquor and we love pouring it. Our mixes are made in-house and our juices are fresh-squeezed, giving you some of the best, most accessible cocktails in town.

We love our artists

The work of local artists is embedded in our history and ideology. In each store, you’ll find art in various forms plastered by local creatives, and whether it’s a large-scale mural or a pizza box, it perfectly captures our culture and often highlights the community in which it was made. Please email community@lazymoonpizza with your work if you’d like to make art with us.

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