Kevin O’Connor’s Top 5 Places in History to Grab a Slice

5.  Italy, 1889. Go back to the beginning when Raffaele Esposito literally invented pizza as we know it. At the request of Queen Margherita of Savoy—who had the royal power to behead anybody who ordered anchovies on their slice—Esposito was the first to top a piece of flatbread with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. And like that, modern pizza was born from modest, but delicious beginnings.

4. New York City, 1905. Head down to Lombardi’s, widely believed to be the first pizzeria in the United States, and enjoy a slice said to be so delicious that it will make you forget you’re in a time when women couldn’t vote.

3. Chicago, 1925. The Windy City is the home of deep-dish pizza, which according to this Chicagoan, is arguably the world’s greatest style of pizza cuisine. Legend has it that the early incarnations of the deep-dish pie were so thick that the Chicago Police Department used them as protection from Al Capone’s stray bullets.

2. Seattle, 1994. The explosion of the grunge rock scene in the 90’s was subtly, but unforgettably, complimented by the pizza stains on all the local band members’ flannels.

1. Orlando, 2004. Lazy Moon opens and UCF applications increase 475%.

Kevin O’Connor is a 22-year-old college writer from Chicago. He moved to Jacksonville as a teenager and is currently a human communications major at the University of Central Florida. He’s worked for Lazy Moon since March 2015. He also writes, performs stand-up, and plays guitar in multiple bands.