Employee Spotlight // Ryan Kane

ryan kane 3

What’s your full name?
Ryan Salvatore Kane.

Any nicknames?
“Kane” and/or “Mink.”

If you could give yourself a nickname what would it be?
Honestly, I like Mink. I guess it’s technically a nickname I gave myself, because it’s my “alter ego” in the video game community. I’ve always had ferrets as a kid, so that’s where I stole the name from.

How long have you worked at Lazy Moon? What’s your role?
I’ve worked at Lazy Moon for (as of this week) 5 years. I am currently employed as a Manager!

What do you do with your time off?
With my time away from work I like to play video games. I own my own E-Sports company here in Orlando and host multiple events throughout the year based around the Super Smash Brothers series. I enjoy playing Overwatch on the PC as well.

Tell us something about yourself that not a lot of people know.
I’m ranked as arguably the number one “Charizard” player in the United States for the game Super Smash Bros 4. That’s a weird topic for me to bring up since not everyone’s a gamer, haha. I have two ferrets I care for named Cali and Spoodle (who I named after a Lazy Moon utensil, haha)…  I guess that’s a little unconventional.

What’s your idea of the perfect slice of Lazy Moon pizza? What’s your desert island slice?
My personal favorite slice is Pesto base with Mojo Pork, Feta and a side of Buffalo sauce. That’s the good stuff.

Favorite slice: Pesto base with Mojo Pork, Feta and a side of Buffalo sauce. That’s the good stuff.

What are you drinking with that?
I’m a whiskey and gin fan. So I’ll probably be drinking either an Old Fashioned or the Bee’s Knees.

If there was a dance move named in your honor what would it be called and what’s the move?
Oh, god, I’m awful at dancing. I guess my go-to would be the “Bernie” mixed with a weird fixated stare at my girlfriend, Gina. She hates it. You can probably call it the “Stop, You’re Embarrassing Me”. That’s what she would call it.

What song best describes your work ethic?
Haha, that’s a weird one. I would probably go with .. the whole first The xx album. I know that’s kind of a cop out, but I love listening to that album when I work. I find as a manager I work much better when I can relax when it gets busy. Keeping your composure is a huge part of working in a busy kitchen! If I had a specific song to pick.. maybe “VCR.”

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?
When I’m alone in my car I’m probably jamming out to some music. Or actually I have a habit of calling my mom to catch up. But I’m more than likely thinking of ways to progress as a player in the games I play. Or wonder what my ferrets do when I’m not home. Haha.