The history of the Boxcar Willy starts in 2004. Tim Brown, Steve “Six Guns” Knezovich, and I opened the doors at the first Lazy Moon Pizza, across from UCF in Orlando, Florida. We were 23 and just recently graduated from college. While we strived to offer diverse options in pizza toppings and beer, we had concerns over the most common issue college students’ faced, brokeassness.

While students at UCF, Six Guns and I had experienced the checking account highs of  loan disbursement day and the lows that poor budgeting brought at the end of every semester. We were determined to offer a meal that could fortify even the hungriest of students while avoiding dreaded NSF charges. Steve lamented how the cash flow woes of college forced one into choosing food over alcohol or vice versa depending on your ADS placement.

Always a man of action, Tim whipped up a huge slice made from fresh dough, sauce, and cheese served alongside a refreshing PBR. Viola, Lazy Moon’s first value meal was born. The name Boxcar Willy was chosen as an homage to a Simpsons character that was so hungry and broke, he entered a boxing match for a sandwich. Many of us have found cash issues extend from college and beyond, but you can rest easy loyal Lazy Mooners! As greedy Lizard people at the Federal Reserve Bank continue to drive the value of the dollar down through inflation, we will always sling this fresh meal daily for less than the price of your average fast food value meal.

-Matt (Lazy Mooner since -04)

Tim Brown (right) and myself (left) at Lazy Moon circa 2004. ***Picture may contain alternative facts***.