Arnold Day XIII

Arnold Day XIII is here!

Every summer, a celebration is held in honor of the most impressive human being ever to walk out of Austria and into the hearts of American filmgoers: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What began thirteen years ago with two guys, a 19 inch TV, a VCR , a fistful of cinema classics, a bellyful of Lazy Moon pizza and many liters of beer has now blossomed into a full-fledged holiday.

Join us any time (or the entire time) from noon until close on Saturday, July 29th at Lazy Moon UCF, as we’ll be celebrating our hero the only way we know how:

By dressing up as our favorite Arnold characters and screening as much of the man’s oeuvre as humanly possible.

There will be an Arnold slice. There will be cake. There will be singing. There will be poorly delivered one-liners. There will be “Arnold” himself.